In the apartment number 20 Kirov lived from March 1926 till December 1, 1934 along with his wife, Maria Marcus. Sergey M. Kirov’s Museum includes memorial five-room apartment, where the daily life of a Party leader in Stalin’s epoch is presented. Kirov’s apartment is remarkable for the unique collection of authentic personal belongings of Kirov and entirely intact elements.

The game «Take what you are given» developed by employees of Kirov's museum illustrates the daily life of children and adults in Leningrad in 1930s. The game «Take what you are given» is a quick journey back to the days of Stalin epoch. It allows the visitors of the museum to become the residents of the city of Leningrad in 1920-1930 and learn about their lives in difficult times of goods shortage and starvation.

Office of S.M. Kirov is recreated in one of the halls of the museum. Real office of Sergey Kirov was located on the 3rd floor in the left wing of former Smolny Institute. This study room was a kind of "headquarters of socialist construction" in the north-western region of the USSR.

The interactive exhibition “For our happy childhood…” tells about the daily life of Leningrad children between 1917, and 1940. It has some divisions.

Multimedia exhibition "All of the Kamennoostrovsky Av., in a box “ will introduce You to the history of Kamennoostrovsky Av., and Petrograd region in the context of the general history of St. Petersburg. You are invited on a virtual trip in order to see how the avenue was formed, what kind of people lived there between 18th and 20th century.