L'exposition «Le grand citoyen: discours direct»

Exhibition "The Great Citizen: Direct Speech"

The exhibition is based on two components: the monumental image of the "Great Citizen", reflected in the best examples of fine art of the socialist realism era, and "direct speech" by S.M. Kirov. It is presented with excerpts from reports, public addresses and speeches of the "rostrum of the revolution" during his work in Leningrad from 1926 to 1934.

Quotations "enliven" not only the speaker, but the very epoch. Being the closest associate of I.V. Stalin, S.M. Kirov took part in all socio-economic, political and cultural processes of those years: he oversaw the development of industry and improvement of Leningrad, participated in the work of the "troikas" of the NKVD. In his speeches S.M. Kirov touches on the most pressing problems of the time: a difficult economic situation, especially food problems and a shortage of goods, collectivization in the countryside, a tense international situation, a struggle with inner-Party opposition and "wrecking."