To the Visitors


The Museum of S.M. Kirov is a branch of the "State Museum of History of St. Petersburg"

Museum Address:
197101, St. Petersburg, Kamennoostrovsky Av., 26-28,
5th floor
(show on yandex-maps)
Metro Petrogradskaya, Gorkovskaya

Book a Guided Excursion by: (812) 346-02-89

Working Hours:
Everyday from 11.00 a.m. until 18.00 p.m.
Cash Register from 11.00 a.m. until 17.30 p.m.
The day off - Wednesday

Prices of the tickets:


200 rub. 

Student discounts

(Russian federation)

150 rub. 

Taking photographs without the usage of flash is without charge.

The museum is equipped with the electric device for lifting and lowering the wheelchair.

Organized Guided Excursions (costs):

Guided group excursion (from 3 to 15 people) Guided excursion for individuals (1,2)
Excursion "Kirov’s Memorial Apartment" 1500 rub.
+ entrance tickets
600 rub. for person
+ entrance tickets
Excursion "For Our Happy Childhood…"

Walking Tour "Secrets of the Old House "


Excursion to the exhibition "Comrade Kirov killed!"


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